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7 days ago

MCParty OneBlock Reopening

Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce the reopening of OneBlock! Please read below to see what was changed and added!




As you all know we took OneBlock down around 2 weeks ago to update to 1.17 and implement new updates! Now that we're back, OneBlock is better than ever! We have implemented countless changes (most are just bug fixes and improvements), however I know you all will love what was added!


-Economy Changes

With the update of 1.17, we are introducing brand new blocks in the hourly shop! On top of that, you can now buy items in bulk! Be sure to use /shop to purchase these new items! Alognside this, we have drastically changed the prices of countless blocks & items, for both buying and selling. I won't be listing them all here, but hopefully this will help balance the economy further and ensure a pleasant experience to all players.

Please note: We have removed the sell shop! You are now required to use /sell hand. 

-New Spawn

Just like survival, we have added a cleaner spawn build and posters! This new setup is way more organized and definitely provide an easier area for players to roam around in. We've organized all NPC's straight ahead, and after them you're able to boost over to the crates! Make sure you read all the posters to know what's going on.

-New Coin Flips!

Want to gamble your money? Now you're able to! Go against other players in CoinFlips and bet money to see who wins! You can either lose a lot or win a fortune! May the odds be on your side.

-GoodBye to Magic
Since Magic was being toxic with our 1.17 update, we decided to drop her! In all seriousness, we have forever removed magic and spells due to many reasons! These being balance issue, magic not working with 1.17, and whatever else. Have no fear though! We have replaced it with something much, much better.

Ever wanted to become an avatar? Now you can! Visit our Bending NPC at spawn to get your BENDING COMPASS! With this you can select which element you'd like to master and dominate the PVP area. Want to know more? Check out the compass you're given or use /guide in-game!

-Many bug fixes
-Fixed chatcolors and nick
-Fixed custom messages
-Performance improvements
-Visual Changes
-Revamped the PVP arena!


Thank you for reading and enjoy the update besties!