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about 1 month ago

MCParty BattlePass & NEW BlackMarket
Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce these new updates to MCParty Survival! Please read below for all the necessary information.

I would firstly like to apologize for the lack of updates and decrease in players. We have had a tough time with school and whatnot. But, enough with that! I am happy to introduce a new update to MCParty Survival! Starting with the return of the BattlePass! Complete quests to unlock exclusive rewards to become rich af! When progressing in tiers, you may now unlock BATTLEPASS TOKENS, which allows you to trade with the BlackMarket and get even more loot! Want even more tokens? Purchase the premium pass at! We are also adding a new tradesman, named the BlackMarket! Please read below :)

-NEW TOKENS (currency)
There are 2 new types of currencies you can use to trade for items; MCParty Tokens & BattlePass tokens!

-MCPARTY TOKENS: Get these tokens from killing ENDERMITE and SILVERFISHOnce you obtained enough tokens, do /bm and grab some great loot! Buy these spawners from the spawner shop or the cupcake store!
-BATTLEPASS TOKENS: Get these tokens from tiering up in the BattlePass! Trade them for loot with /bm

-What is the BlackMarket?
The black market is where you trade these tokens for great loot and more! Trades with MCPartyTokens reset every 2WEEKS meaning you will never run out of things to buy! Want anything added? Make a suggestion in the Discord!

-New Chat Unscrambler
We have also added a new chat event! Every 7 minutes you will be given the chance to unscramble some words to get so amazing rewards!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the update besties!