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4 months ago

MCParty Survival Reset & NEW OneBlock Gamemode
Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce these new updates to MCParty! Please read below for all the neccessary information.

It's true! Our Survival gamemode will be resetting for Season 4! We have taken a bunch of input from all of our players in-game and on the Discord and came to the decision to reset. I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has played during Season 3. It was our most popular season and I hope everyone had a great time! In this announcement, I will be giving everyone some info on season 4!

We are resetting for many reasons. The biggest reason being the new release of 1.17! We plan on updating MCParty Survival to this new version along with adding a bunch of new features! You may even see the return of some of our player favorites :). Who doesn't like change? Season 3 has been open for a very long time and it's time for a change! I apologize to those who are angry over this, but it's final.
We plan on closing MCParty on June 11th. From there we'll be working on this gamemode and hopefully, it won't take too long!
-But Jordan, what about part 2?
Have no fear! Since MCParty is just such an amazing server, we'll have the new world generation too! This means you'll be able to play one of the only servers that get caves and cliffs early! How? Well, that's our little secret :>.

Well, as you know we are closing very soon! This gives no time for anyone to complete the battlepass D:! Have no worries! When survival reopens there will be a brand new pass and EVERYONE who currently has premium, will have it in the new season! Be sure to drop some suggestions if you'd like.

That's enough about survival! What's going on with OneBlock? 
It's true! We're adding a new gamemode called OneBlock! It's going to be replacing our Prisons NPC as Prisons still needs some time to get ready. Please read below:

-What the flip is OneBlock?
It's just like SkyBlock but you start off on an island where you only have... one block. When you break it, it turns into a new! When breaking it, you have a chance to get lucky blocks, chests with items, animals, and so much more! You can also upgrade your island, invite friends to form a team, sell items with chest shops, and literally so much more. We'll be posting more sneak peeks soon!

We are opening OneBlock on JUNE 11, 2 PM EST!

Be sure to start forming your teams and we'll post more updates soon <3
Thank you for reading


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IGN: quelll
4 months ago

necessary information* you spelt it wrong